Ellen Ruben x Talia Sutra

Ellen Ruben has been designing bags and shoes for over fourteen years. Like most designers in her field, she unquestionably viewed leather as the highest quality and most desired material; as such, she has worked almost exclusively with leather, to the point where the material itself became a defining element of her brand.

Then, came an awakening: first, of her own body, then of animals and the environment at large. Her yoga practice deepened her connection to her heart and lead her to take steps towards veganism. She could no longer stay blind to the implications of using leather. 

For the past two years, Ellen has been studying and researching the world of vegan ingredients and leather replacements, creating vegan designs alongside leather ones with the hope of eventually transitioning fully into a vegan brand. 

Taking steps on this new path lead her to meet Talia Sutra: a fellow vegan, yogi and creative also living in Tel Aviv. Talia was introduced to yoga asana by her mother at age six and realized animals are not our food at age eleven. She has been sharing her experiences of yoga all over the world for the past ten years through classes, workshops and daily content on social media. 

Talia strives to live a life of loving awareness one breath at a time. She sees nothing as external to her practice and believes that when compassion truly awakens within us, yoga (union) is experienced. 

Love and All is Coming has become her message and calling which she is happy to now extend to this first (but not last) vegan capsule collection with Ellen Ruben. 

Talia and Ellen worked together for the better part of a year to design beautifully minimal, classic pieces in natural tones and stunning vegan fabrications in Tel Aviv, known as the vegan capital of the world.  The entire collection was skillfully, ethically and lovingly handmade with fair trade in Hebron by Palestinian artisans. 


About the products: 

Everything in the  ELLEN RUBEN x TALIA SUTRA collaboration is 100% vegan!

The materials used are of two main categories: textile and faux leather. Textiles are usually made of natural materials such as cotton or linen or artificial materials made of microfibers.The second category is faux leather, of which there are many types but most are made of different polyester or polyamide compositions. The polyamide is the formation of polymers, and its advantage is that it is flexible, pleasant to the touch and tends to dry quickly, thus preventing skin irritation in comparison to other fabrics.

So why use synthetics?

Beyond the most important fact that these materials do not produce any harm or exploitation of the animal world, polyamide is strong, durable and easy to clean. It is considered “the new generation” of materials used in the fashion and lifestyle industry. It has unique features that make it a preferred choice for many who understand that quality has an attractive price today: it is antibacterial, fungus resistant, green and environmentally friendly, and does not include carcinogens, is easy to clean from any stain, does not allow liquid infiltration and has a strict standard with the Institute of Standards.

Instructions for Use and Warnings:

Ensure no contact is made with any chemical, such as detergents or alcohol, fat removers or any other strong chemical. 

It is recommended to wipe off sweat daily. For those who suffer from over-sweating: The acidity from sweat can damage the product. 

Keep away from sun exposure.

Under no circumstances should the product be washed in a washing machine. Do not use an iron or any other device that produces heat on the product. 

Keep away from fire.

Keep away from direct sunlight when not in use.

Do not store in a humid or warm place.

Vent naturally in order to prevent mold and stale odors.

Cleaning instructions:

A damp cloth (a little soap can be added) or a non-alcoholic wet wipe should be used to clean.