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Privacy Restriction

This site is a private property owned solely by the brand: ELLEN RUBEN. This site contains private materials, including ideas, designs and images that are private property and copyrighted, and therefore there is no permission to use the site or its contents for personal use, except to enter the site for impressions of the items, make purchases and for lawful purposes only.

Copying images or other content and/or collecting site information and data for personalor commercial use by a person or an automated system including robots is strictly forbidden!

The company/brand reserves the right to prevent access to sales and/or to cancel the possibility of browsing by users who are inappropriate or offensive to the brand and/or visitorsof the site attempting to harm the proper management of the site sales.

Any person who performs an act on the site declares that they are aware of the site's regulations and accept them, and that they or anyone acting on their behalves will have no claim and/or case against the website owners oroperators on its' behalf.

Privacy Policy

Customer details will not be transferred to any third party in any way and will not be used for any purpose except for the purpose of contacting the customer.

The personal details of each customer (with the exception of credit card details) are kept on the site and are used solely by a team of employees on behalf of the owners of the site and only for the purpose of general communication and coordination of delivery.

It is hereby clarified that these contact details are forwarded to the delivering company in order to coordinate and execute the delivery of the order to the customer.

In addition, it is possible to use the details ofcustomers who have joined and registered with the site's membership club for the purposeof sending information and updates regarding events, discounts and promotions that are relevant for a limited or permanent time. The site owners are entitled at any time to discontinue promotions, benefits and discounts and/or change them at their discretion without any prior notice.

The site user approves joining the site's direct mailing system via email, cell phone or landline.

If the customer does not wish to receive such information, they may ask us to be removed from the mailing list, and we will do so immediately and with joy and respect for the client's wishes and privacy.

The website owners and/or team will not be responsible for and will not bear any direct orindirect damage caused to the user, surfer, customer or guest visitor on the site, as a resultof using or purchasing through the site, not in accordance with appropriate behavior or the site rules.

The site's availabilityis continuous and operates on a 24/7 basis, except for limited times in which changes and updates are made on behalf of the site's work team.

The availability of productson the site is updated regularly. Any order placed on the sitewill be answered immediately and subject tothe inventory limitations at the time of placing the order and after confirmation of payment from the credit card company or PayPal. The payment confirmation arrives at the site automatically and usually immediately.

If an order/purchase is made for an item notavailable for immediate shipment, we will contact the customer to arrange a different delivery date or refund. Each option is according to the customer's choice.

Warranty and Service

The items sold on this site are made of high-quality materials, including leather or fabricsand/or synthetic materials. The brand/ELLEN RUBEN site owners do their best to provide quality products and accordingly do all the necessary actions for quality control in order to provide a quality product that meet all customer requirements and according to the description of the item appearing next to the item image on the site, including the material, colorand sizes of the product.

The images on the site are presented in an authentic manner without any intervention or upgrade to improve their appearance. However, the products as reflected in the images aresubject to color or shade deviations depending on each screen/computer or mobile cellular device and/or any other device according to the difference in manufacturer settings.

The product images on the site are shown for illustration purposes only, and there may bedifferences in color, shade, size or proportiondepending on the lighting or angle of the photo. At the same time, the description of the item (which appears next to each item) contains its description, color and dimensions in cm units in order to give real representation to each item.

If the customer believes that the product they purchased is defective, they must contact usvia the website or in any other way, includingby phone (03-5463867 / 052-5428686) and a representative of the brand will handle the request and transfer it to the authorized person for further treatment. If the purchased product has not yet been used and/or no more than 7 days have passed since receipt of the allegedly defective product by the customer, the customer will be offered a repair or replacement of the product with the same or different product, or monetary credit. A monetary creditwill be made in the same manner as the payment originally made by the customer at thetime of purchase.